Andrea Grossi Blend 3 + Beatrice Arrigoni
Songs and poems
Catalog N. CDWEIN19
Format: Digital

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Beatrice Arrigoni vocals
Manuel Caliumi alto sax
Michele Bonifati electric guitar
Andrea Grossi double bass

All the compositions are by A. Grossi
Poems by Emily Dickinson [1-3] and e e cummings [6-9], Lyrics by A. Grossi [4]
Beatrice Arrigoni: vocals / Manuel Caliumi: alto sax / Michele Bonifati: electric guitar / Andrea Grossi: double bass
Gledis Gjuzi: toy piano on “I should not dare to be so sad” and “Aria”
Recorded by Simone Coen at The Shelter Recording Studio, Meda (MB) – Italy – on July 5th, 6th, October 13th 2021 and at Riverplant Music Studios, Monza (MB) – Italy – on December 8th 2021.
Mixed and Mastered by Simone Coen at Chocolate Audio Studio, Seregno (MB) – Italy.
Cover: collage “Songs and Poems” by Milc @milcollage. Inside photo by Erica Mela Magagnato
Design by MAOBI – Produced by WE INSIST! Records, 2022

Thanks to my parents (Gianni & Monica) and my family, they are my roots; to Gledis, my one and only rose. In loving memory of Guido Canegrati (aka Nonno Guido), beautiful flower in a world of weeds.
A special thanks to Maria Borghi, Nino Locatelli and all the WE INSIST! Records family and also to Simone Coen that made this real, to Fabrizio Baldoni for his help and to Milc (Chiara Militello) for the ad hoc collage artwork.

Songs and poems is a project born from the necessity to explore, in a chamber dimension, the possibilities of the sound of the word. The quartet joins Blend 3 – the trio of Andrea Grossi with Manuel Caliumi and Michele Bonifati – to the voice of Beatrice Arrigoni and finds its personal dimension within a sound world generated by the fusion of 20th century European traditions, starting from improvised music and European jazz, passing through contemporary music until arriving in echoes of progressive rock, noise, and ambient. An aspect on which the research of this group is based is the relationship between the human voice and instruments, in particular the instrumental use of the voice and the translation of vocal inflections and possibilities onto instruments. The compositional architecture of the poetic text can also suggest that of the musical writing, avoiding a constant coloristic evocation, in favor of a deep research, based on structural affinities: abstract episodes with a visionary flavor are mixed with more punctual and scientific interventions. To each Poet, Emily Dickinson and E. E. Cummings, in this case, corresponds a different compositional style aimed at emphasizing and praising the uniqueness of each “voice”.


Songs and poems è un progetto nato dalla necessità di esplorare, in una dimensione cameristica, le possibilità del suono della parola. ll quartetto, unisce Blend 3 – il trio di Andrea Grossi con Manuel Caliumi e Michele Bonifati – alla voce di Beatrice Arrigoni e trova la sua personale dimensione all’interno di un mondo sonoro generato dalla fusione delle tradizioni europee del ‘900, partendo dalla musica improvvisata e dal jazz europeo, passando per la musica contemporanea fino ad arrivare ad echi di rock progressivo, noise ed ambient. Un aspetto sul quale si basa la ricerca di questo gruppo è quello della relazione tra la voce umana e gli strumenti, in particolare l’utilizzo strumentale della voce e la traduzione delle inflessioni e delle possibilità vocali sugli strumenti. L’architettura compositiva del testo poetico può inoltre suggerire quella della scrittura musicale, evitando una costante evocazione coloristica, in favore di una ricerca profonda, basata su affinità strutturali: episodi astratti e dal sapore visionario si mescolano ad interventi più puntuali e scientifici. Ad ogni Poeta, Emily Dickinson e E. E. Cummings in questo caso, corrisponde un differente stile compositivo volto a rimarcare ed elogiare l’unicità di ciascuna “voce”.

01 Low at my problem bending – 06.40
02 I should not dare to be so sad – 04.56
03 Had we known the Ton she bore – 03.42
04 SnailTale – 03.06
05 Aulodia – 01.34
06 i shall imagine life – 07.26
07 un(bee)mo – 04.02
08 in time – 02.11
09 silence – 03.01
10 Chant – 02.18
11 Aria – 05.12

Total time – 44.13

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