Down At The Docks

Luca Tilli: cello
Sebastiano Tramontana: trombone

Project and music by Tilli – Tramontana
liner notes by Fabrizio Spera
photos by Christian Rizzo (Luca Tilli) and Massimo Fiorito (Sebi Tramontana)
cover: drawing from Unfolding Story2006 by Sebi Tramontana
recorded by Daniele Zazza 15 May 2018 at Abbey Rocchi studio Roma
mixed by Gianmaria Aprile at ArgoLab
thanks to: Nino, Gianmaria, Fabrizio and Maria Galante

Produced by WE INSIST Records 2019
Available on CD

“This dialogue between them sounds both genuine and profound; a sort of four-handed diary, reflecting throughout the natural moods, signs, colours, and spaces. Allusions, rips, bursts of humour and sudden gusts of poetry flow into each other in an unusual animation based on strings, wood, breaths and brass.
Musical stories that linger with you.”

Fabrizio Spera, March 2019

Coming soon…

E’ orario
1 – parte1
2 – parte2
3 – parte3
4 – parte4
5 – parte5
6 – parte6
7 – parte7
8 – parte8

All the compositions are by Luca Tilli and Sebi Tramontana

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