Gabriele Mitelli, John Edwards, Mark Sanders
Three tsuru origami
Catalog N. CDWEIN20/LPWEIN19
Format: CD/LP/Digital

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GABRIELE MITELLI trumpet, soprano sax, elctronics, voice
JOHN EDWARDS double bass
MARK SANDERS drums, objects

A tribute to birds, to the creatures of the world and their migrations.
Compositions as indicated
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Publisher MAOBI di Maria Borghi
Liner notes by Gabriele Mitelli and Giancarlo Nino Locatelli
Cover photo by Pietro Bologna
Inside photo by Giubracalia
Backline thanks to Andrea Grossi (double bass) and Cristiano Calcagnile (drums)
Recorded by Pierpaolo Alessi at Gotama Studio on on 21 and 22 February 2022 Mixed by Pierpaolo Alessi at Gotama Studio and Alessio “LeX” Mauro, at LM Recording Studio (RC, Italy) Mastering by Pierpaolo Alessi at Gotama Studio
Design by Maobi – Produced by WE INSIST! Records, 2022

Distributed by Goodfellas

Thanks to Mariangela and Alice, my family and reason of my life.
Thanks to Marta, Valeria and Roberto, my roots in the world.
Thanks to Mark and John, my migration partners.
Thanks to Maria Borghi, Giancarlo nino Locatelli, Beppe Rusconi.

Three improvisers having fun and taking risks. The classic piano-less jazz trio reinvented by mixing melodies, dirty sounds, noises, extended techniques and references to tradition with a quasi-punk approach.


Tre improvvisatori che si divertono e riconoscono nel rischio. Il classico trio jazz senza pianoforte reinventato miscelando melodie, suoni sporchi, rumori, tecniche estese e riferimenti alla tradizione con un approccio quasi/punk.

01 NEW ONE (Sean Bergin) – 4.33
02 THE EAGLE AND THE HAWK (Gabriele Mitelli, John Edwards) – 4.25
03 GO GODWIT GO (Gabriele Mitelli) – 3.32
04 FLY AWAY to Pierre Combini (Gabriele Mitelli) – 4.37
05 KARMA (Gabriele Mitelli) – 3.48
06 THREE TSURU ORIGAMI (Gabriele Mitelli, John Edwards, Mark Sanders) – 4.47
07 THE INDIAN GEESE AND HIMALAYA (Gabriele Mitelli, John Edwards, Mark Sanders) – 5.09
08 GREEN LAKE, BLACK BIRD (Gabriele Mitelli, Mark Sanders) – 2.58
09 RITUAL PART 3 (Mariam Wallentin, Mats Gustafsson, Johan Berthling, Andreas Werliin) – 6.25

Total time – 40.14

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